Future Husband, Take It Off The Registry

Dear Future Husband,
Everyone once in a while (ok..more than once in a while), I go through the typical female “nesting” period. I want to redecorate the house, buy new kitchen gadgets, actually USE said kitchen gadgets, take pics of my achievements and then brag to anyone and everyone about my domestic skills.

Well, I was in one of those moods the other week and decided I needed new mixing bowls, cutting boards, baking sheets, pyrex storage containers and a cake plate (I wanted to make a bundt cake).

SO, I gathered AS MANY 20% off coupons I could muster and took a field trip to Bed Bath & Beyond. Boy was I excited! I found EVERYTHING that I needed and GIDDILY proceeded to the checkout.

The cashier and I engaged in some polite conversation, and she very kindly checked me out and applied all my coupons. But then…OH BUT THEN…she looked DIRECTLY into my eyes and asked:

“Is this coming off of a registry?”

I figured that it would take too long – AND she would think I was cray cray – to explain that it WAS, in fact, coming off a registry. My own future registry. That exists in my mind.

So, I just smiled, left and ate my feelings – in the form of a delicious chocolate peanut butter bundt cake – when I got home.

PS. The cake plate wasn’t very expensive, so if that’s your aunt’s go-to wedding gift, it will be OK.

Ima Waitin

Future Husband, Take It Off The Registry

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