Future Husband, It Was Meant To Be Encouraging

Dear Future Husband,
Most of my very best friends (or those who have seen me through stressful life seasons) will want to warn you of my laughing/sobbing attacks. Though few and far between, I never know when one will occur. But once one starts, there’s no stopping it. Something – usually pretty innocent and not very funny at all – will trigger the laughter. Then, the laughter turns into crying. Then the crying turns into sobbing (massive tears and heaves and all). Then the sobbing turns back into laughter. And then it stops. And the world is lovely again.

I had one of these episodes last week.

You see, I woke up last Friday morning to a text message from my dear (married) friend who also happens to be a coworker. She had recently read an article and believed it would be encouraging to my single self. In her own words, “Thought of you when I read this…and yes I know you’re not Catholic! ;)”

The Catholic part is important because the article author was a blogger for a Catholic dating site, and the opening line read, “I left my job at CatholicMatch because I fell in love.”

Since I literally wake up 15-30 minutes before I walk out the door on any given day, I didn’t have time to read anything that morning. But, I made a mental note to read the article before the end of the work day so that I could thank my friend in person for sending me such thoughtful encouragement. So, later that afternoon, I sat in her office and began reading. I soon began nodding my head in agreement with most everything this OBVIOUSLY awesome girl had to say.

She was recently single. She joined the dating sites. She hated the dating sites. She started blogging about hating the dating the sites (and was then offered the blogging job). In my head I was saying, “Yes, GIRL!” and “I TOTALLY agree!” and “Right with ya, sister!”

I was half way through reading when my coworker had to step out of her office for a minute. When she came back, I was transitioning from the laughing to sobbing stage of the episodes I told you about. She IMMEDIATELY panicked, asked what was wrong and admitted she had only read half of the article. To which I replied, “OBVIOUSLY.”

I handed her my phone and showed her where to begin reading. I knew THE MINUTE she understood because she, too, literally LOLed.

The blogger – this amazing single woman – who reminded my friend of ME – DID, in fact, find the love of her life.

His name was Jesus, and she became a nun.

My “Right with ya, sister!” quickly turned into “NOT with ya, Sister!” And my friend, between laughs, apologized profusely.

As a Christian, I’m already the bride of Christ. I just hope to ALSO be the bride of a man. Because, babies.

PS. Thank goodness I’m not Catholic. Otherwise, I’d have to worry that my friend (or God) was trying to tell me something…phew.

Ima Waitin

Future Husband, It Was Meant To Be Encouraging

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