Future Husband, I Hope You Have Friends

Dear Future Husband,
At last count, I have been a bridesmaid four times and Maid of Honor twice. That’s SIX times I’ve walked down the aisle in a wedding that was not my own. And, I’m quite certain the aisle and I will meet again…a few more times. FINGERS CROSSED, I’ll be in white for one of those rendezvous.

I’m not complaining here. I like having friends. And I like having friends who like me. And I like having friends who are likable enough to get married. And I like that my friends like me enough to request my presence in their weddings. And, I would LIKE to return the favor.

But, alas, what I would REALLY like is for YOU to be well-liked.

I need to you to have friends, because, if nothing else, I need those friends to translate into groomsmen. Otherwise, your poor best man (you will have at least one…that is a requirement) is going to have to wear tennis shoes to avoid accruing blisters from personally escorting each of my girls down the aisle.

You see, I’ve gone through several life stages. And I’ve made amazing friends in each stage WITHOUT losing touch with prior stage besties. Call me obnoxious, but I’m well on my way to a double-digit wedding party…on my side alone. And I. Don’t. Care. So what if our guests roll their eyes because they have to sit through the longest processional ever? I’ve been waiting for 30+ years (and counting), so they can deal. We’ll just have to make sure the reception is worth the wait.

PS. IF you only have one friend, he’s going to look like a pimp in our wedding photos and inevitably upstage you…start making friends now.
PSS. I joined Junior League last year which means I have 700 ADDITIONAL potential bridesmaids…let that sink in.

Ima Waitin

Future Husband, I Hope You Have Friends

One thought on “Future Husband, I Hope You Have Friends

  1. Cute name for a blog! My only comment on your post is to keep in mind the wedding is only one day. On my “wishlist” of must-haves for a guy, I never thought about his number of friends. My fiance is an introvert and really doesn’t have a lot of friends outside of work or family. At first I thought it was strange…and then I realized that I get all of his time and attention and I actually like that a lot. So there are upsides to the person without a lot of friends as well! Good luck!!


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