Future Husband, When Life Gives You Lemons

Dear Future Husband,
I have three questions for you. While growing up, did you ever:

1. Attend a garage sale?
2. Take a vacation?
3. Combine the two for an epic family trip?

The Waitins did.

When I was eight-ish, we took a “family vacation” to the world’s longest yard sale. The “someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure…but that someone else was NOT us” sale literally spanned six states. And this was before the days of portable DVD players and in-car entertainment systems. OUR entertainment was finding license plates. Did you ever play that game? Of course you did. Well, we found all 50 on that trip. Twice. I remember telling my dad to “SPEED UP!” on the interstate because I wanted to pass as many cars as possible to see as many license plates as possible. (This did not carry into adulthood…I will most likely tell you to “SLOW DOWN!”)

We also played the “numbers” game. My dad would pick a number and we would try to guess it. Yep…that was actually a game. The rules were a bit ambiguous though, because 5-ish year old Sheesa would internally pick a number, and then a new number, and then a new number while we all tried to guess said number. After we guessed every number between 1 and 100, she won the round…err…we gave up.

But the HIGHLIGHT of the trip was our lemonade stand. You see, my Mother was ECSTATIC for this road trip. Nothing excited her more than the prospect/reality of sorting through mounds of treasure crap in three different states. (OK, full disclosure, my mother DID co-own an antique business that needed restocking…so, her enthusiasm was not without total merit.) But, my dad, early on in the trip, had the epiphany that this “vacay” would be downright boring for two small children. So, since we LOVED road trip games, he invented a new one: the sell lemonade while you travel game.

At each stop, we set up a stand, and then I eagerly approached EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. I could see to ask if they wanted to buy lemonade. I even walked up to people who were already standing in the concessions line. My dad, fearful of reproach from the concessions selling people, tried to discourage me. I told him that they were in line and, therefore, must want something to drink. I knew my target audience.

I also approached people who ALREADY had drinks in their hands. My dad thought I might annoy them, so he tried to shift my focus to different consumers. I told him that although these people had drinks, they didn’t have LEMONADE. And maybe they WANTED lemonade. I knew I had a niche product.

I must have been a good little salesperson (or really cute) because we made over $70.00 selling lemonade at $.25 a cup. And I sold it all…Sheesa tried to help, but she wasn’t the hustler that I was. People would approach her and BEG her to sell them a glass, but she just stared.

Now, I know we took many family vacations over the years, but, for some reason, this one always stands out. And, while I love remembering this trip, I can’t wait to plan NEW adventures with OUR future family. And don’t worry, you will be relieved to know that, while I may be a LOT like my mother, I have ZERO desire to sort through treasure crap in six different states again…unless you really want to. But be warned, it will take much more than lemonade to placate me this time.

PS. My mother will want you to know that they didn’t ONLY subject us to yard sales on this vacation…they DID sprinkle in a few attractions along the way. They just don’t make for good stories.

Ima Waitin

Future Husband, When Life Gives You Lemons

One thought on “Future Husband, When Life Gives You Lemons

  1. Suzanne Ferree says:

    I clearly remember the rare and glorious refuse your Mom brought home from that 3 state yard sale. Some of it even ended up in our antique shop. And you can BET we didn’t tell our customers where those treasures came from!!!


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