Future Husband, It’s Nothing Personal

Dear Future Husband,

I am a very traditional young lady. For instance, I have EVERY intention of taking your last name once we tie the knot. However, I recently had an experience that shook my entire belief system. It rocked me to my core. It made me question EVERYTHING (yes, dramatic emphasis added for, well, emphasis).

What was this moment you ask? Well, I was matched on a undisclosed dating site with a young man whose last name was Woodcock. I immediately sent a screenshot to my mother via text with the caption, “Yeah, this isn’t happening.” To which my mother IMMEDIATELY responded, “IMA! You canNOT dismiss a man simply based on his last name. That is NOT OK.”

Apparently, she didn’t quite understand, so I helped her.

Ima: “But Mother, his name basically means ‘hard, uhm..well, you know…'”
Mother: “It could also just mean ‘wooden rooster’…did you ever consider that?”
Ima (to myself): “Nope, no I most definitely did not.”
Ima (out loud): “MOTHER! My name would be IMA WOODCOCK…did you consider THAT?!”
Mother: “Oh. Oh I see.”

So, dear future husband, IF your family name happens to be Woodcock, I might have to keep mine. I hope you understand, it’s nothing personal. I would just prefer to not have to excuse myself from the business world, effective immediately. Unfortunately, that means I’ll be a Waitin forever…

PS. How about #WaitinWoodcock for our wedding hashtag? Too much? Thoughts?

Ima Waitin

Future Husband, It’s Nothing Personal

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