Future Husband, It’s Time to Sculpt!

Dear Future Husband,
I’ve gone and done something completely practical and TOTALLY logical.

I started my wedding diet/exercise plan last week.

Now, before you roll your eyes…hear me out. YES, you ALREADY reminded me that we have not yet met back when I told you that I wanted to cut my hair. However, the whole “we haven’t met yet” scenario doesn’t seem like a good enough excuse to wait. Because, let’s be honest, once we DO meet, you’re going to think I’m so amazingly awesome that you’re NOT going to want to wait a single minute to RACE to the altar. And, our sprint of an engagement won’t give me much time to sculpt that perfect bridal bod.

However, the only non-logical part of this scenario is that I started said plan right before going on a cruise. What in the HAIL (southern slang for hell) was I thinking? Oh yeah…I was thinking: unforeseeable-and-unscheduled-but-not-out-of-the-question wedding. Pure. Dedication. (for now) Good thing the ship has a salad bar and gym.

PS. You better believe I’m still enjoying a soft-serve ice cream cone EVERY night of the cruise. Because, ice cream.
PSS. Because I’m working out for my wedding, and I started in December, I don’t have to call it a cliché New Year’s resolution.

Ima Waitin

Future Husband, It’s Time to Sculpt!

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