Future Husband, is your name Oliver?

Dear Future Husband,
I have an advanced confession. I’m sure that when we meet I’ll tell you all about the REALLY cool and exciting ways I spend my weekends and free time.

…wait for it…It’s all a lie.

In reality, I spend my weekends binge watching Netflix. My recent addiction is Arrow. Actually, I’m quite certain Oliver Queen is destined to be my future husband. I know this because when I was little, I had a crush on Disney’s Robin Hood. I thought he was foxy. Therefore, it only makes sense that the adult version of myself is hopelessly drawn to an arrow-weilding HUMAN man donning a green hood. It matters not that he’s fiction…a girl can dream.

PS. It’s really OK if you’re not the superhero, Oliver Queen. I’ll still love you even if you are just a doctor or lawyer or CEO.
PSS. If you’re NOT Oliver Queen, I probably have unrealistic expectations about your body.

Ima Waitin

Future Husband, is your name Oliver?

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